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SES Prayer Page


q Pray for worldwide unity and effort to effectively curb the spread of Covid-19. Countries like Italy, Spain, the U.K. and the U.S. are seeing escalating numbers and insufficient respirators, masks and disinfectants. Pray for citizens all over the world to be socially responsible and maintain good hygiene practices.

q Leaders to have knowledge and wisdom to allocate the necessary resources for public health and safety.

q Our Government (PM Lee & ministers) to be safe, strong, steadfast and seek God for divine wisdom and empowerment to lead our nation in the fight against Covid-19

q The medical professionals and scientists to work together to find a cure and help to end this pandemic. The healthcare personnel — doctors, nurses, medics etc. to have the immunity, strength and stamina as they are at the frontlines. Ask God to protect and sustain each of them and their families too.

q Other front line workers — cleaners, security guards, drivers etc. that they, too, be protected from the virus as they carry out their work.


Board of Elders & Session: Pray that we will seek the Lord first and hear His words of love and wisdom. Pray for God to guide us in shepherding the Church for the safety and spiritual well-being of our worshippers.

Pastoral & Admin: Pray that we will work well as a team and be able to carry out responsibilities effectively even as we work remotely. Pray for us to learn new ways quickly to minister to the church family.

Mt Carmel Church Family: May we demonstrate faith, hope, love and grace for one another. Pray that we will reach out especially to those who are not in care groups or have no ministry connection with the church. Let’s pray that we become a simple church to do less, go deep, love much and pray more. Pray especially for the elderly members or those who are unfamiliar with technology, that they will have healthy younger family or friends to help them stay spiritually connected to the church via the online platforms.

Care Groups (CG)/DCGs: As all worship services are suspended for the time being, CGs/DCGs now play a vital role in connecting members with one another. Yet, most CGs/DCGs will not be able to come together physically as the new regulation now limits the number physically gathered people to 10. Pray for the CG/DCGs connect via ZOOM or other platforms.


q Some among us are caring for family members who have critical illnesses. Pray for tangible solutions for caregivers to get rest and for the unwell to receive medical care and food supply. Pray for healing for those who are recovering from surgery.

q Ps Gabriel was recently diagnosed to have two slipped discs. Pray for guidance to the right practitioners for effective treatment and healing.