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1. for last Friday’s Prayer & Praise (P & P), for a wonderful time, to praise God, find hope and encouragement in His word, as well as pray for the world, Singapore, and our church. Thank God for all who participated in the P & P as individuals, as a CG, or Zoomed in to join the Friday Zoom Fellowship in the P & P.

2. for the series of talks given in YAM in June which generated more conversations and desire for a follow up.


AGM: Pray for the upcoming AGM, that members will register early and voteprior to the online AGM on 26 July. As it is our first time conducting AGM online, pray that the turnout will be good, and that all the technical and technological issues will be ironed out for a smooth run.

The Kerith (Contemplative Hour):

1) Pray that “The Kerith,” held every Saturday, will draw people to seek God with humility. Pray for a hunger and thirst to seek personal renewal in their walk with Christ.

2) Pray that the Holy Spirit will convict people’s hearts to align their will with God’s will in the areas of sin, righteousness, and judgment.

3) Pray that the Lord will work deep in our spirits and fill us with grace to overcome sin, self, and Satan. Pray that those feeling trapped, isolated and helpless will experience the unconditional love and mighty saving power of God our Creator.

Care Groups: Thank God most of our CGs are meeting regularly through Zoom orGoogle Hang out. Thank God also for our CG Leaders. Do pray for them to persevere in their role as CGLs, for encouragement and joy as they continue to serve.

Overseas Missions Ministry:

Mt Carmel SJDM — Flor praises God for the following:

1) Some adults were able to attendchurch service last Sunday (Father’s Day) despite general community quarantine.

2) After the 3-month quarantine, Ps Fitz was finally able to preach and conduct Holy Communion last Sunday. He and 10 fathers also visited SJDM and reached out to the fathers they met.

3) A couple who has requested a marriage counselling session, in hopes of getting married when the Covid situation is better.

Prayer request: 1. Pray for the safety of the church members, that no one will get infected especially now that we are resuming worship services and other activities in the church. 2. Pray for my safety too as I did my visitation and BS in the church members’ houses, on top of running errands; today 9 new cases were reported in the nearby towns. 3. In this pandemic, more people will seek God for salvation and be more compassionate.

Mt Carmel Villivakkam — Ps Eman and Vidya request prayers for:

1. Our church youth Titus Sakthivel. He is affected by the virus and has been admitted to the hospital.

2. Pray for Tamil Nadu especially Chennai; the 6th lockdown has been extended to 31st July due to the rapid spread of the virus.

3. Pray for our members as many have lost their jobs and are without salary.

Prayer Meeting next Wednesday (8 July 2020) @ 7.45 pm

PWYA – Pray Where You Are