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SES Prayer Page


Crises and disasters are happening around the world. Let us pray for our brothers & sisters in Christ who are in the crisis in Hong Kong. Pray for a peaceful solution by the SAR Administration to settle soon and restore lives back into the city of Hong Kong.

The world economy is not doing well and it has affect in our country too. Job opportunities are slim and technical recession are expecting in Asia. Let pray for those who have been retrenched that they will wait upon the Lord for provision.


Let us submit to the Lord, the Town Hall meeting tomorrow. May He give each member a discerning heart to respond to the presentation on the church plant.

Mission Week

Pray for the committee who are planning for the mission festival. May God bring awareness to all members the important of obeying His Great Commission.

Chinese Ministry

Neighborhood Parent Day’s Dinner

We thank God that 19 non-believers have responded to the altar call to receive Christ and 20 others who wish to know more about Christ. Pray for God to open doors to continue to connect with those who have responded.


We submit to You all DGs and every member of our congregation. May the Lord teach us to be obedient to His word and to live Christ-like lives. We pray for those who are seeking to know Him better to come forward to join a DG, for fellowship and encouragement.


We want to remember those who are sick and not well. May the Lord grant healing in His mercy and grace.