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SES Prayer Page


# Thank God for the nine visitors who attended our in-person worship services last weekend. Pray they will return to worship with us again and discern if this is where God wants them to be and where they will grow in their spiritual life.

# Thank God for Samuel Wong, Matthew Siew, Dawn Puah, Chai Chin Loon, and all who have devoted much time each week to record and edit the worship videos, on top of their full-time jobs. Ask God to bless them with good physical, mental, and spiritual health, perseverance, joy, and grace.


Church Renewal:

# Pray for God’s continued blessings upon our pastors, and may He also keep us alert and sober, so that we will not be distracted, discouraged, deterred from pursuing God and His will.

# Pray for members and worshippers, that we rightly align ourselves to love the Lord our God with ALL our hearts, souls, minds, and strength, and to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. Pray that we will all thirst and hunger for God more than ever before.

Mom2Mom: Do pray for all mothers—first time/young mothers, working mothers, mothers of teenagers, mothers of special kids, single mothers, etc.. Thank God for mothers for their multi-tasking abilities, perseverance and devotion. Thank God too for experienced mothers who come alongside younger mothers and sharing their journies with them. Ask God to be their source of physical and spiritual strength, for grace to flow from God through mothers and to their children, and for wisdom to parent their children and see themselves as their stewards.

Theological Students: Joyce Yong (TTC), Janelle Yeo, Ivan Zheng, Li Kang, JamesWu (SBC). Pray for faithful perseverance to finish the semester well! Ivan, Li Kang, and James serve in SEMS as well as MWS. Li Kang will graduate next May.


SJDM (Flor Aristole)

a) For members of the church to grow spiritually through bible study and worship service. Pray also for wisdom regarding a proposed project in the community.

b) For mothers to persevere and be patient in teaching and helping their children with the modules (home learning education). They feel stressed because some are not well educated.

c) The country is under lockdown until Oct 21 and in all probability, it will be extended. Pray that the Government will know how to balance health with financial concerns.

d) Pray for us as we are facing dire food needs here. We need to balance wisdom with discernment as to who to give to and how much. The General Election will be held on 8 Nov despite protests.


1. Chiam Loon has a 3.7cm GIST tumor in the lower oesophagus and will undergo 2 test assessments before surgery. Pray for Chiam and Linda.

2. Rob & Lisa MacEwen are both down with COVID. Please pray for their recovery. The MacEwens are now teaching in the Netherlands.

       Prayer Meeting next Wednesday (28 October 2020) @ 7.45 pm
                        PWYA – Pray Where You Are