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SES Weekly 5-14-2016


The Disciple’s Witness

Bible Verse: Acts 8:26-40; Speaker: Ps Oh Boon Leong
WS: Chan Kum Soon; CP: Yvonne Ng

NEXT WEEK: Sharing Across Cultures
Bible Verse: Acts 17:16-32 ; Speaker: Eld Bruce Lockhart
WS: Young King Chew; CP: Alice Khoong



SES Attendance 95 Kingdom Seekers Nil (help out Mother’s Day Programme)
Offerings/Pledges $3,194.45 KidSparks Attendance 20 + 8 Adults
Dinner Fellowship Offering $25 KidSparks Offering Nil (help out Mother’s Day Programme)



The board of Elders has approved and commends the following nominees for election to Session on 29 May 2016: Rev Jabez Chia Ming Kiong (election as Pastor in Session) and Rev Johnny Tee Chow Meng (election as Pastor in Session).

Rev Jabez Chia Ming Kiong
Proposer: Rev Oh Boon Leong / Seconder: Rev Lim Kheng Hai

Rev Jabez Chia has been a pastor for more than 22 years. He became a Christian in 1984 and was ordained in August 2004. He graduated with a Bachelor of Theology from Trinity Theological College. A pastoral staff in Carmel since January 2012, he currently oversees the Youth Ministry and the Family Ministry. He was validated as an ordained BP minister by the BPCIS recently. He is married to Sarah and they have 2 children, Letazia (20) and Macarius (17).

Rev Johnny Tee Chow Meng
Proposer: Dns Samantha Tsang / Seconder: Dn Agus Djunaedi

Rev Johnny Tee, aged 57, graduated with a Bachelor of Theology at Singapore Bible College, in 1990 and a Master of Theology in Missions at the Trinity Theological College in 2003. A pastoral staff in Carmel since August 2012, he currently pastors our Mandarin Worship Service (MWS). He was validated as an ordained BP minister by the BPCIS Presbytery recently. Johnny is married to Jessie and they have three daughters: Janice, Joline and Janna.

Urgent recruitment for teacher to teach P3 English class in Term 3, dates as follows:
2, 9, 16, 23, 30 July,  6, 13, 20, 27 August (total of 9 Saturdays). For any inquiry, please contact: Vanessa Tham ( or Margaret Ong ( / 96707629).



“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” (Mark 11:24)

THE PHILIPPINES—Pray for the newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte a) to carry out his intentions to wipe out crime and corruption in the country, b) that the economic progress secured under outgoing President Aquino will be continued so that citizens’ lives can be uplifted and c) the predominant Catholic population to experience a fresh sense of God’s love and presence, and for many to come to know Jesus personally.

TAIWAN—Pray for wisdom for newly-installed President Tsai Ing Wen in ruling the country. Pray especially that the stable cross-Straits relations between Taiwan & the PRC that existed under outgoing KMT President Ma Ying will continue.

MYANMAR—Pray for the new government to rule the country with discernment and justice. Pray for peace to prevail in the outlying regions where ethnic minorities live. Pray for the acceptance and integration of the Rohingya people.

CARMEL’S AGM & 49TH ANNIVERSARY – Pray for members to attend this business meeting on 29 May and to form the quorum required. Pray for the combined celebration service following the AGM.

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL – Thank God for 95 children registered, and for 42 co-workers comprising youths and adults. Pray for wisdom, strength and teamwork for all working together. May each bear Christ-like testimony in word, thought and deed. Pray for the children to enjoy learning God’s word and experience His love. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s work in the lives of the children, convicting them of their need for the Saviour and His forgiveness.

YOUNG ADULTS MINISTRY—Rev Tan Soo Inn is speaker for YAM Camp from 22-24 July at Telunas. May many young adults take time off to join the camp to grow deeper in their walk with God and in fellowship with one another. Pray for the YAMers going to first year University this July. Pray for their adjustments to university life.

THE SICK – Pray for those wo are sick. Pray for Ps Johnny Tee as he recuperates at home from recent surgery. May God grant him full restoration to health.

Contact Pastor Lim Kheng Hai (92209496) or Tan Thien Choon (90090094) for prayer requests


Waiting For Something and Doing Nothing?

Mother’s Day was over in a jiffy. On that day, we decided to go out for dinner to celebrate and thank my dear wife for being a mother to our two children. We arrived very early before 6:00 pm and found ourselves in a queue! Minutes trickled before we were eventually seated. Wasting little time, we placed our order. Some thirty minutes and a thirst later, my wife signalled to a waiter to serve us our drinks first. At the end of dinner, we strolled out of the restaurant after 7:30pm. What greeted us outside, were lengthy human lines of queue at every available eating joint. In twos and threes or with family, people were willing to spend significant time waiting for their turn. Perhaps you were one of them.

Waiting is a common exercise we all do especially in densely populated cities. For some people, waiting is trying on the souls. For example, a person in career transition, waiting for the next job can feel demoralising. Back in 2001 when I had my first sabbatical, my family had to extend our stay in Sydney by about two months. I needed time to consider the offer of joining a local Aussie church as a pastor. My reading of words and signs seemed to point to an acceptance of the offer. Aware of my personal bias which might skew my interpretation, I had to keep waiting for the Lord to say something directive. The weather turned chilly end of April. I remembered our desperation in wanting to hear an answer from God. The wait tried our character, the residual amount in our bank account and the welfare of our emotion and mind. From the second when we were informed about the job offer to the minute God spoke with two words, “unfinished tasks”, which guided us back to Singapore, the wait totalled about three months. This waiting, however, paled in comparison to the 2008-2009’s experience.

In that chapter of my life, I went through a couple of misses, disillusionment, moments of deep anguish and fifteen months of wait before I ended up serving at my last church. Fifteen months is five-fold that of the Sydney’s experience! Depressing, isn’t it? The last place on earth you want to be in is waiting for something and having nothing to do. Not that you are irresponsible or unwilling to move forward, but you simply cannot hurry the waiting by doing something. The wait is nonetheless tormenting.

My wife, Sarah, also experienced the feelings of torment back in March. She had to wait for the result of her breast lumps’ biopsy. The two lumps were pea-sized, but the few days of anxious waiting were nothing short of meteor-sized. The wait infected even her boss who punctuated the working hours by asking Sarah, “How? Is the result out?” You just want to find out the result. Any delay will just mean we press for an answer or we press the panic button. As a reader, you would like to know too (yes?). Thank God that Sarah’s biopsy result was benign.

“To You, O Lord, I lift up my soul.
2 O my God, in You I trust,
Do not let me be ashamed;
Do not let my enemies exult over me.
3 Indeed, none of those who wait for You will be ashamed” (Read Psalm 25:1-10)


David, as God’s servant, waited and trusted in the Lord. The word “wait” means: eagerly waits for, expect, hopefully wait for, look eagerly for or waited patiently for. Those who waited for God will not be ashamed, i.e. not become dry, disappointed, disconcerted or utterly dejected.

If we find ourselves in a position of waiting, we can try to focus more on slowing down, contact time with God (as the psalmists did), connecting with people or a silent retreat. Women and especially men need to learn to share their feelings in times of a trying wait – this is one of the reasons why the church, the body of Christ exists. Someone wrote in an article that men are expected to “suck it up, get on with it or deal with it”, the Psalmist showed us that it is alright for men to be vulnerable and show signs of not being able to cope. Only then, can God our Lord come in strong to be with us and to carry us. There is no shame in sharing our feelings and no shame for those who wait upon the Lord. During our wait, we may not be able to see the end point. On this side of eternity, some people do not get a chance to embrace the fruit of the wait. Know that God is still on the throne, in control and watching over us. Both the wait and the outcome of the wait are not the highlights. He is.

Whether you are a student studying and waiting for your results, or waiting for a new career path, waiting for a breakthrough in a relationship or hoping for a better overall well-being, you will benefit by resting your running legs and weary soul in the arms of our Lord.

For You are the God of my salvation;
For You I wait all the day. (v. 5, NASB)

– Ps Jabez Chia



Call Tammy @ 90020842 or Ps Kheng Hai @ 92209496 for more information


The Disciple’s Witness
Acts 8:26-40

3 Principles of Effective Witnessing
      I.      Availability
     II.      Receptivity

    III.      Intentionality    

Where do we start?
     1.  Let our words and deeds match
     2.  Pray
     3.  Reach out
     4.  Invite