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# ACM2021: 4 videos have been created and posted online at acm2021/. We have never done this before. Thank God for the support of the media team to allow members to listen to the main content of the ACM2021 so that they can make informed decision before voting.

#  Christmas Blessings: Praise God for Carmelites’ initiative to bless communities duringthis season and especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. Carmelites distributing the NTUC vouchers to recipients of the Community Relief Fund are making efforts to buy gifts or celebrate with the families with a meal or take the children out for an outing this month. Some Carmelites are opening their homes to overseas students for meals, etc.


Youth Camp: Thank God for providing 13 homes for the camp. 63 youths have registeredand the camp begins on Sunday, 13 Dec. Pray for:

a) Ps Liang Wei for God’s anointing and favour as he speaks God’s word to them

b) The youth to bond, especially with the P6s transiting to Sec 1 next year, so that the P6s will find friendships among the youth

c) Protection and safety in travel — to and from homes to church, the Night Safari (Sunday night), outdoor activities, etc..

d) The youth to grow in their love for God and for others.

SEMS: Since the Circuit Breaker started in April, our SEMS brothers have been confined intheir dormitories except for work. By God’s grace, let these brothers’ faith give them the patience, strength, perseverance, and gratitude to weather these trying months. The SEMS committee will be delivering Christmas gift bags to 60 of the brothers and sisters at 27 different construction sites and locations. Pray for the delivery which begins this weekend, 13 Dec. Pray for the safety of the committee members making these delivery rounds. May our SEMS brothers and sisters be reminded of God’s precious gift, His Son Jesus Christ, to us as we celebrate Christmas this trying year. To God be the glory!

Online Christmas Special: Emmanuel God With Uspremieres on 20 Dec, 8pm.Pray for the editing of the videos for this hour-long programme. Pray for Carmelites to gather family and friends into their homes over the week of 20–25 Dec, and use the hour of songs and stories to share the Christmas message with them. May God use the online Christmas Special to draw people to Himself.


Nepal— Ps Kiran will be leading the Grace Church Ministry Leadership Retreat for three days. Pray forGod to help Ps Kiran guide the leadership to see the challenges facing the ministries and work on changes to strategies. Pray for Ps Kiran to seek God and know God’s plan for Grace Church ministries as he spends time in solitude.

India — a)Chennai:Ps Kumar requests prayers for Tamil Zechariah, one of their youngadults who committed himself to fulltime ministry. Pray for God’s guidance for admission to a good reformed college in Jan 2021. Pray for J. Anushuya, a 27-year- old, a Hindu convert getting baptised at the Christmas service.

Delhi: The Church (UEF) meeting at the basement has remained closed for fellowship since 22 March. The pandemic in Delhi is still very concerning but the city is slowly recovering. Please pray that the leadership team will have wisdom and courage regarding opening the church again.  

Prayer Meeting next Wednesday (16 December 2020) @ 7.45 pm 
PWYA – Pray Where You Are